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Remove The "What If" Factor

Some businesses are fortunate enough to rarely experience mains power loss. However, what would happen if they did?

Sometimes a simple tripped switch can cause data loss, improper shut down of equipment and force a business to temporarily cease trading. Northern Power UPS can remove the uncertainty and ensure that the ‘what if’ element is removed.

Who are We

Northern Power UPS are specialist independent providers of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. Furnishing businesses with intelligent back-up power solutions to protect all essential and critical electrical equipment.

Delivering a bespoke service and working with world renowned and respected electrical manufacturers, we can supply your business with the latest UPS technology. Tailored maintenance agreements and 24 hour UPS remote monitoring are also available, all at competitive prices.

Misson Statement

Our mission is:

Be one of the country’s leading independent providers of Uninterruptible Power Supply products. Using world respected manufacturers and tailored customer service to provide intelligent back-up power to critical and essential electrical equipment for SMEs.

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Applications For A UPS

Data Centres

Data centres, IT suites, even a small office with two computers. Many businesses store data in the “cloud” but you still need to connect to it. Routers and switches, VOIP and telecommunications – your businesses has to stay connected. Stand-alone or rack-mount UPS options are available.

Specialist Applications

Medical and scientific research using sensitive, bespoke equipment. Mains disruption could jeopardise work and even damage equipment. How fast would your facility resume normal operation after loss of power? How quickly can the damaged transformer be replaced?

CCTV Systems

Security these days is paramount, both site and cyber. Building management systems, CCTV controls and bespoke security installations. Have you considered business continuity disruption if these systems fall over?

Utility Systems

If you don’t have a Building Management System (BMS) mains loss will affect everything in your workplace. Having an “essentials” circuit on UPS would ensure continuity. Could you work without light, cordless phones, wireless routers and modems?

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