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Aspire Housing is a social housing landlord based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, and a valued customer of Northern Power UPS.

With several sites all delivering an important service to tenants, Aspire make good use of UPS power supply batteries and backup diesel generators, all supplied by Northern Power UPS.

Our arrangement means we are able to provide support across several Aspire Housing sites, including their town centre presence on Merrial Street, where Aspire have provided face-to-face tenant services for the past decade.

But 2018 will be a big year for the company, with plans to move into Castle House, a new £15.4 million public services hub that will also be occupied by representatives of the borough council, Staffordshire County Council, Staffordshire Police and the local library.

The generator from Merrial Street is unsuitable for the new premises, although it has kept the current office operational during power cuts in the past.

But with relatively few hours of running time on its clock, the decision was taken to redeploy the generator to Aspire’s premises at PM Training in Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent.

From here, Aspire provide training and apprenticeships for young people with an interest in decorating, building work and home repairs, a valuable social enterprise that relies on the availability not only of offices, but also of the large on-site paint shop.

Relocating the generator

Northern Power UPS scheduled the generator relocation for early one Sunday morning in January 2018, which gave us the extra knowledge that the car parks and premises would be as empty as possible at the time.

Where possible we are always happy to schedule this kind of work for out-of-hours, not only because it’s convenient for our clients, but because it can actually help to make access much easier for our engineers when we don’t have to work around ongoing weekday operations.

With the generator safely delivered to its new home, all that remains is for our team to carry out the re-commissioning work, to connect it into the building’s mains power supply so that in the event of a future power cut, the generator can take over and provide backup power to the entire premises.

About Aspire Housing and PM Training

The kinds of services provided by Aspire Housing and PM Training highlight the important social impact of keeping business premises up and running at all times.

Aspire support over 20,000 people with affordable homes throughout Staffordshire and Cheshire, and last year helped customers to reduce their total debts by £2 million by delivering money advice.

Meanwhile PM Training offer apprenticeships with over 1,000 businesses. In the past five years, 8 out of 10 of their learners have continued their training or progressed into jobs, and every year PM Training creates more apprenticeships for 16 to 18-year-olds than any other provider.

Northern Power UPS are proud to be able to collaborate with brands of such impact and social significance, helping to keep the power on so that they can deliver essential services to tens of thousands of residents across the region.