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Business interruption and disaster recovery are two of those make-or-break moments that can force entire companies out of business or which, with careful planning, you can sail through relatively seamlessly.

A Business Resilience Plan is one way to prepare for some of the most common and most harmful business interruptions your company is likely to face.

Northern Power UPS have plenty of experience in this area – our uninterruptible power supplies allow companies to remain operational during a loss of mains power, either bridging short power outages, or allowing disaster recovery plans to be put into effect if the power cannot be restored.

But this is just one of the disasters that could hit your business, along with others like fire and flood, theft and cyber attacks.

Now we have developed a four-page Business Resilience Plan to help you prepare for business interruptions of all kinds, and to give you a handy reference to look to when something goes wrong.


What’s in a Business Resilience Plan?

You can download our template Business Resilience Plan for free via the Northern Power UPS website. Simply print it out and fill it in so that you have the information you need all in one place.

Some of the areas it covers include:

  • Business name, address and contact details.
  • Critical equipment that must remain functional for your business to operate.
  • Dates of maintenance and simulated downtime tests.
  • Dates and results of UPS systems tests and subsequent run time.
  • Emergency contacts for power cuts, gas leaks and police matters.
  • Key contacts for utilities including telecommunications and internet.

Much of this is information that you probably already have, but might not have easily available – and remember, having contact details stored on a computer or in an email is of little use when your mains power or internet access is compromised.

With a comprehensive Business Resilience Plan like the one Northern Power UPS are now offering, you identify and measure the critical elements in achieving business continuity, and list all of the points of contact to help you if a situation means you cannot continue trading.


UPS systems and Business Resiliency

UPS systems play a key role in keeping power flowing to your equipment during a mains outage. That might mean you can shut down computers without losing data, or transfer control to a secondary facility seamlessly.

In extreme cases, UPS batteries might be needed to keep evacuation routes clearly lit or even to keep life support equipment running.

Whatever else features in your Business Resilience Plan, Northern Power UPS can audit your existing UPS batteries to check their capacity, and recommend any new equipment needed to keep your critical business assets up and running in the event of a power failure, or a natural disaster that interrupts the mains supply.