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Did you know that UK businesses experienced 82 million hours of downtime last year? Research by Opinium revealed that on average companies experienced two major internet outages during 2017 which stopped them accessing vital services or trading. For some companies this downtime was crippling and had long-term implications. Was your company affected?

Be prepared

Small businesses tend to be affected by downtime the most but it’s important that whatever the size of your company, you put plans in place before it happens. You need continuity measures in place so that you can cope and recover as quickly as possible.

How much will downtime cost my business?

There is no definitive answer to this because every business is different. However, if you’re an online-only business selling products, for instance, and your systems go down for a day in the run up to Christmas … it could cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds, or even millions if your company is a large one. Not only will people be unable to place orders, but it could ruin the credibility of your business.

It’s estimated that a business with a £1 million turnover that operates 9 – 5 would lose £480.77 per hour in revenue, but this can vary drastically if the downtime happens at a key time of the year for you.

Northern Power UPS can help

We backup systems to prevent energy failures and downtime. Our systems are uninterruptible, so whether you have one computer, an office full or hundreds, we can protect your business. Our UPS systems can also be used for data centres, EPOS systems, server rooms and sensitive electrical equipment.

Give us a call today on 0844 80 999 75 or fill in our contact form and we will ring you back. Then we will be able to recommend exactly what you need once we have discussed your business and gained an understanding of how you operate.