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Even momentary downtime is a disaster for digital businesses, especially hosting providers like Fasthosts, who suffer a PR nightmare each time clients’ websites and hosted email are unavailable.

In June 2017 the latest in a series of downtime disasters struck Fasthosts, taking their Virtual Private Server service offline for four days – and it was by no means the first time.

Less than a year earlier, in July 2016, another four-day outage occurred, while at the start of January 2014, a primary power supply failure disrupted Fasthosts services over the course of a weekend – ironically including their system status page.

During their most recent “week to forget”, The Register reported that unspecified “system issues” took four days to fully resolve, and even customers accessing their inbox via webmail were affected.

Incidents like these can be costly, for hosting providers and their clients alike, as some ecommerce sites’ booking pages and checkout processes were affected, while Fasthosts typically issue credit notes to help make up for the downtime experienced.

When an incident is caused by a primary power supply failure, a good uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can make the difference between a costly and extended outage of mission-critical services, and a seamless switchover to a UPS battery that can literally keep the server lights switched on.

Rapid and automatic switchover means when primary power fails, your UPS battery can take over before equipment has a chance to power down – avoiding the delays associated with a length boot cycle and the time it takes to get virtual servers and other hosted services back up and running.  Online UPSs are also a valid option as they generate a brand new clean output power supply from the batteries, with or without mains.  When the mains disappears the batteries begin to discharge, providing a genuinely uninterrupted service.  

This gives you the time you need to get the mains power back on, or to migrate over to a secondary facility elsewhere, if you have an off-site location as part of your business interruption and disaster recovery planning.

And even if not, you can run for some time from a high-capacity UPS battery before services are affected, with industrial units like the GE SG Series starting from around 40 kVA upwards – and you can use multiple units for even higher output as needed.

Book a site survey from Northern Power UPS and we can advise on the best way to protect against mains power downtime on your premises. If you already have a UPS power supply installed, we can take that into account too.

If not, we can make a recommendation based on your calculation of the output you need, or we can assess what we believe would be the right capacity for you, from our range of leading UPS manufacturers we can supply.