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A UPS backup system can serve several purposes when a mains power outage occurs, either bridging the gap before the primary supply is switched back on, or allowing you to switch over to generators, or providing just a few extra minutes of power so you can shut down computers without losing data.

One of the most critical things a short-term UPS battery backup can do is to keep your emergency lights on. Building interiors, particularly in offices and industrial facilities, can be very dark without artificial lighting, making it difficult for occupants to evacuate quickly and safely.

With a UPS system in place, you can keep low-power emergency lighting switched on for quite a long time, at least long enough for anyone inside to follow the illuminated route to the nearest exit.

There are additional benefits to having an emergency lighting system powered by a UPS backup battery too – as when the main overhead lights go out, this can mean that the remaining lights specifically guide occupants to their nearest safe exit.

Meanwhile for the emergency services, functional emergency lighting inside the building can make it easier to quickly locate a fire or burst water pipe, allowing them to tackle the problem more quickly and more safely.


How Northern Power UPS can help

We don’t expect all business owners to have experience of installing UPS systems and emergency lighting – which is why our experienced team is here to help you work out what you need.

Our on-site audits can identify how much power it will take to keep your lights switched on during a mains power outage, and the best type of UPS backup for a seamless switchover and no moments of pitch black panic.

We can also help you to understand how long the various UPS battery towers can give you, whether you just want long enough to safely evacuate, or you want emergency lighting that will stay on indefinitely.

Finally, if you already have UPS systems installed, it is absolutely crucial that you get them tested regularly, as UPS battery towers will lose charge over time and some individual cells may need to be replaced to maintain full capacity.

Again, we can test existing UPS systems and advise you on any loss of charge and the best way to overcome this – so you are not left with an old and obsolete UPS power supply that fails to light your escape route in a life or death situation, but benefit from new UPS technologies with better longevity and reliability.