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UPS power supplies play an important role in keeping Housing Associations connected, including by keeping a flow of electricity to essential equipment on HA-owned residential premises and especially in buildings with multiple occupants.

Housing Association properties present some unique challenges ranging from the welfare of elderly and vulnerable residents, to higher levels of scrutiny on security equipment like CCTV, access control and fire alarms.

Northern Power UPS have worked with local Housing Associations to install UPS power supplies that deliver the best levels of protection for these and other mains-powered equipment, allowing you to fulfil your obligations as a landlord and as a HA.


UPS power supplies for Housing Associations

Some examples of the kinds of equipment that make it so important to invest in UPS power supplies for Housing Associations include:

  • Access Control – Electronic door entry, remote fob systems, electromagnet locks etc.
  • Burglar alarms and sensors, fire/smoke alarms in residents’ properties and communal areas.
  • CCTV cameras, including recording systems and networked online surveillance.
  • Lifts and lighting in communal areas, building management control systems.
  • Vulnerable resident security systems and pendant alarms for elderly and at-risk residents.

Increasing scrutiny is being placed on private rented properties and HA properties alike, and especially on safety and security systems, which must remain operational in an emergency when mains power could be interrupted.

This is a natural extension of providing safe and secure residences for some of the most vulnerable people in our communities – and whose safety should not be put at risk during a power cut or fused circuit board.


Choosing the best UPS power supplies for HAs

Northern Power UPS can help with choosing the best UPS power supplies for HAs, including complex arrangements where multiple systems need their own independent UPS backup batteries.

The best solution for your premises might be a single large UPS system with enough capacity to run all of your essential equipment for a certain amount of time in an emergency.

Alternatively, it might be better to install multiple small UPS battery systems with one or more devices connected to each, and still giving you all of the capacity you need during a mains power outage.

To get the Northern Power UPS team’s help with deciding the best UPS power supplies for all of your properties, call us today on 0844 80 999 75 or email info@northernpower.co.uk for a quick and helpful response.