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We were recently invited to talk about our lives running a local business in the Altrincham area by our community radio station Trafford Sound. The station is run by volunteers who give up their time and energy to broadcast locally on DAB+ radio and worldwide on the web. We witnessed first hand the vast amounts of effort that go on behind the scenes to keep the station on air all day everyday.

Trafford Sound is a not-for-profit social enterprise, which fundraises to purchase all the hardware used. Having said this, you wouldn’t think the equipment had been bought with money raised. The station is equipped with broadcast kit that could rival any BBC or commercial setup, as a result of many of the volunteers being in the professional broadcast industry.

Our visit gave us the opportunity to see what UPS protection, if any, they had in place. We poked our heads into the engineering cabinet and saw masses of gear mounted in the rack, including everything from computer servers to communications equipment. This is vital for the connectivity of the station so that it can reach your speakers. It also supports the software that plays music and allows a national news bulletin to be integrated in to the programme. We couldn’t see a UPS and knew they weren’t using a huge amount of overall power, so we wanted to help them out.

We spoke to Trafford Sound’s Technical Director, Andrew Pettinger, who knew all about the benefits of uninterruptible power systems and was more than happy to let us help. Over a sweltering bank-holiday weekend, while Andrew was performing software updates in the main studio we got to work setting up the UPS. Once we had located the ideal place to install it, we began commissioning the UPS and migrating the equipment to be supported by it.

Now that we’ve worked our magic, the UPS supplies power to the studio if the mains should fail and will prevent damage to the specialist equipment if the incoming mains becomes erratic.

A week after we installed the UPS system in Trafford Sound, we received this testimonial from Andrew which said: “Northern Power UPS has helped Trafford Sound by installing their UPS. The results was peace of mind that all our power supplies, vital to the smooth running of our radio station, have the proper back up in the case of failure. There is much to like about Northern Power’s (Robert’s) approach to our request for assistance. Not only was their attitude encouraging but they listened very carefully to our requirements, asking all the right questions, then delivered our UPS with expertise and professionalism. I found the experience most encouraging. I would recommend their services without hesitation to anyone, person or companies large or small, who need  their technical expertise and advice.”

Like  we did for Trafford Sound, we can quickly and easily assess and install a UPS for you. A simple assessment of your businesses’ critical equipment allows us to specify a suitably rated UPS that will provide you with the ultimate protection. If you’d like to contact us about installing a UPS or for more information, visit our website or call us on: 0844 80 999 75.