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EPOS UPS backup systems allow you to continue to process transactions in the event of a power cut, so that your business can keep making money until the mains supply is restored.

Like many applications for UPS power supplies, EPOS UPS systems do more than just keeping your electronic point of sale stations switched on, as they can also deliver an essential power supply to other related equipment:

  • Card terminals and merchant connectivity.
  • Ecommerce servers, retail websites and shopping cart systems.
  • Invoice/receipt printers.
  • Stock control systems.
  • Recharge battery-powered handheld card processing devices.

UPS backups can bridge the gap during momentary losses of power, so that you do not face internet downtime or the need to reboot equipment to restore connectivity.

Alternatively, they can offer higher capacity for longer periods running from the UPS battery power, allowing you to make business continuity arrangements if your mains power is disconnected due to a natural disaster or other major incident.


Counting the cost of an EPOS outage


Preventing EPOS downtime is crucial in any business that relies on electronic sales and purchases for a large percentage or even all of its earnings.

Some of the potential costs of an EPOS outage include:

  • Direct financial losses due to missed sales opportunities.
  • Costs and delays to restore services and repair any damage.
  • Time taken explaining the reasons for the outage to customers.
  • Lost earnings due to data loss and interrupted checkout processes.
  • High costs relating to emergency tradespeople and callout fees.

As with any prolonged period of downtime, the cost to your business is not just in lost revenues, but can stack up in terms of lost goodwill from customers, refunds and compensation for misplaced orders, and the fees for emergency maintenance and repair work to get back up and running.


How does an EPOS UPS system help?


An EPOS UPS system can be specified based on your particular needs – the number of devices you need to connect, how long you want them to continue running for, their total power demand, and so on.

It’s important to ensure the UPS system is ready to take over without any momentary interruption, as even a brief drop in power can cause sensitive electronic equipment to reboot or lose data.

With an EPOS UPS system in place, you can at the very least complete any active transactions, safely close open files and power down equipment while putting business continuity plans into effect so that you do not suffer any outage in your business’s earnings potential.