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UPS installation is the first and best thing you can do to protect your equipment against the risk of a power outage, but over time it is important to carry out regular UPS maintenance to make sure your uninterruptible power supply is in good condition and up to the task of switching over seamlessly if the worst happens.

The UKFast incident in December 2017 highlighted how even a few seconds’ power outage can spell disaster, as the Manchester-based web hosting provider faced over six hours of work to get some customers’ websites up and running again, even though their backup generator fired within seconds of the mains outage.

UPS monitoring and preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring your standby power is ready when you need it, and that it activates instantly to ensure that electrical equipment is not left without power for long enough to switch off.

How to start a UPS maintenance programme

If Northern Power are supplying you with a new UPS power supply, we can handle the installation and commissioning to make sure everything is set up correctly, and this gives you the best chance of getting the longest use from your UPS batteries without any problems.

We can carry out a full site survey for pre-existing and new UPS installations, and identify all of the hardware that needs maintaining over time.

Of course the most important thing is to make sure that the UPS batteries are still in good condition; it may be a long time before you suffer a power outage, and with regular UPS monitoring we can check that the power cells have not deteriorated in the meantime.

UPS support the way you need it

We don’t just offer a fixed UPS support service – just as UPS power supplies are available in a wide range of different capacities, so are our UPS maintenance and repair services.

Our tiered support services keep an eye on the batteries and other consumable elements of your UPS (and we can usually offer this no matter where you got your UPS from in the first place).

Preventative maintenance can be offered on a schedule that suits you, and even on a tight budget it is wise to invest in UPS maintenance as even an occasional power supply check-up can help to avoid disaster.

Finally if an unexpected problem develops with your UPS backup power supply, our field service engineers are on hand to diagnose the issue and offer a solution, from repair or replacement of a specific component, to recommending suitable alternative UPS power supplies if the unit is beyond economic repair.