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At Northern Power UPS we have worked hard to put together, in our opinion, the best possible product range of uninterruptible power supplies for small offices and big businesses alike.

We have a UPS for you whether you just need to keep a single computer switched on long enough to back up your work, or you have an office full of workstations all performing critical operations.

If you’re not sure which is best for you, please don’t hesitate to ask – here’s a rundown of our main contenders and the UPS applications they are suited to.

GE Industrial VCL Series UPS

The VCL Series UPS from GE Industrial Solutions starts from just £80 including VAT and comes with a two-year warranty, making it an excellent entry-level option.

But ‘entry-level’ does not make this a compromise option by any means, as the VCL Series is a fully fledged UPS suitable for compact spaces where you just need to keep a device like a PC or CCTV system switched on.

It also serves naturally as a robust surge protection device – protecting your equipment from too much power, as well as from a power outage or brownout.

GE Industrial VH Series UPS

The VH Series UPS is a step up and comes with a slightly longer three-year warranty for peace of mind. It’s a good option for small businesses, while GE Industrial recommend it for motor and marine applications, IT and healthcare facilities, proving its worth as a versatile UPS.

It comes in a tower form factor, which helps to reduce its floor footprint, again useful in compact spaces, and with matching UPS battery cabinets available, you can increase the duration of the battery backup.

PowerControl CRT+ UPS

PowerControl’s CRT+ UPS range again delivers minimal floor footprint in a product designed for industrial applications, for example in demanding IT environments and healthcare facilities such as hospitals.

It has self-contained UPS batteries so no external battery cabinets are required – and if more capacity is needed, several units can be connected together in parallel to deliver the power output required for as long as you need to protect equipment and patients, and allow backup generators to be put into effect for the longer term.

GE LanPro /LP

One of our most popular UPSs is GE’s LanPro / LP range. Similar to the CRT+ but with a greater rating range, from 3 to 10kVA single phase, 10 to 120kVA three phase, the LP range is easy to install and service and is  optimised for the office environment.  The robust design is also suitable for more traditional, industrial applications. Both the power and reliability of the system can easily be expanded by adding units,

GE Industrial SG Series UPS

The SG Series UPS from GE Industrial Solutions is a three phase UPS designed for high efficiency and to eliminate single points of failure.

Again, multiple units can be used in parallel – allowing up to several megawatts of power to be supplied to ensure that no mission-critical devices are powered down in the event of a mains outage.

To find out more about any of these devices, or to enquire about very large SG Series installations, please contact Northern Power UPS today.