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Mention UPS systems and certain industries immediately spring to mind, whether it’s UPS power supplies to keep the servers running during a mains outage to a data centre, or UPS batteries to keep life support machines switched on in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

But there are plenty of less obvious industries where UPS systems can be equally important – admittedly not as life-and-death as in a hospital intensive care unit, but still instrumental in safeguarding members of the public, employees, and keeping operations continuing in the event of a mains power failure.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of large facilities which, without adequate UPS power supplies in place, can not only grind to a halt, but actually pose a public health risk if the mains power fails.

Football stadium UPS

The packed British football schedule means most football grounds are now used at least once a week – if the Saturday fixture is away from home, there’s likely to be a home match mid-week, and vice versa.

With many more matches taking place in the evenings to accommodate the TV scheduling, and fixtures held throughout the winter months, keeping the floodlights and other stadium lighting switched on – or at least offering an alternative form of emergency lighting – is a must for public safety.

As more sports stadiums spring up in out-of-town locations, without the stadium’s own lighting it can be almost pitch black during late fixtures, making UPS batteries critical for public safety.

Power plant UPS

Power generation UPS products are often designed to even higher standards, to allow for the rugged environments and longer expected lifecycle of usage in the energy sector.

It may seem ironic that power station UPS systems are needed at all in facilities where power itself is produced, but when mains systems fail, UPS batteries provide a swift failover option, either for a matter of minutes until generators kick in, or for longer periods if no generator is available.

They can serve all manner of uses – from keeping security surveillance cameras and electric security fences switched on, to keeping power to control panels in nuclear power stations.

Chemicals industry UPS

A chemicals industry UPS can also serve a range of applications. With an uninterruptible power supply for the chemicals sector, you can protect valuable data, whether from research and development or just from office processes.

But more specifically for chemicals sector uninterruptible power supplies, the UPS can keep pumps operating, so that potentially hazardous materials are not left to accumulate in one place or subjected to greater pressure than normal.

This has safety benefits but also means processes can be brought to a ‘normal’ halt or can even continue uninterrupted – reducing the risk of material losses if the mains power fails mid-batch.