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We all know computers can be temperamental – and most of us have lost work when one has switched off without warning – but as more and more business is done digitally and online, over networks and the internet, it becomes increasingly important to have a contingency plan like a UPS for computers and IT suites alike.

The larger quantity and variety of electronic equipment in IT suites means that for those, a larger UPS power supply can be a life-saver when the mains power goes off, as it can keep your computers switched on, your network connection active, and give you the ability to transfer operations to a secondary business continuity site if needed.

But even a single computer UPS can keep an individual workstation running in a small office, so that you don’t have to stop trading or risk losing valuable data – and you may still have other peripherals like a modem or router, external hard drives, printers and monitors that can all benefit from the same UPS battery backup too.


Single workstation UPS backups

A UPS backup battery can be surprisingly affordable if you just need to keep a single workstation powered up for as long as possible when the mains supply fails.

For less than £100 you can get a plug-and-play UPS power supply suitable for a single system, and simple enough that you can set it up yourself – you literally just plug it in, connect up your hardware, and it immediately goes to work protecting you against any drop in voltage.

This has benefits beyond just keeping you working, as it can also help to prevent data corruption or total data loss in the event of a power cut, ideal if you forget to save your progress frequently enough throughout the day.

If you have several individual workstations in different locations, it’s economical to install small UPS backup supplies on each, giving all of your mission-critical computers a standalone source of power to keep running no matter what happens to the mains supply.


IT suite UPS systems – one or several?

The same question – one UPS power supply or several? – applies to IT suites, where you are likely to have a larger amount of electronic equipment, but it may fall into several distinct units, for example separate servers or network-attached storage towers.

In fact there is no specific reason why you should use only one UPS system or many smaller UPS battery backup units – it can be a matter of personal preference.

Northern Power UPS can help you to decide, drawing on our past experience of IT suite UPS power supply installations and recommendations from our team of electrical experts to help you achieve complete protection of critical IT equipment across your premises.