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A UPS for sensitive electrical equipment can do more than just keep the power flowing during a mains outage, as for much of the most susceptible equipment, it’s a question of quality as well as of quantity.

Power quality is a critical factor in making sure sensitive electrical equipment is not damaged by momentary dips in the mains voltage, power surges, lightning strikes and other occasional variations in electrical input.

This might be even more likely in large industrial facilities with wiring in hazardous locations, older hospital buildings with electrics that are overdue for a full upgrade, or military bases with cabling installed on a more ad hoc basis.

But really wherever the most sensitive electrical equipment is used, it is sensible to run it through a UPS, not only keeping the UPS backup batteries charged, but smoothing out the power quality to the end devices at the same time.


Where might I need a UPS for sensitive electrical equipment?

In addition to the types of premises already mentioned above, some more specific examples of where you might need a UPS for sensitive electrical equipment include:

  • Bespoke and mission-critical devices.
  • Commercial and industrial laser equipment.
  • High-precision measuring devices.
  • Military-grade apparatus of all kinds.
  • Radar and communications equipment.

You might also want to run through a UPS battery backup any devices that operate from the mains frequency, for example timing circuits, where a more consistent power output is required to keep the device calibrated for longer.


Why is a UPS for sensitive electronics important?

The reasons why to install a UPS for electrical equipment in general are fairly self-explanatory, as a way to keep everything running in the event that the mains supply cuts out.

But it’s especially smart to install a UPS for sensitive electronics, to prevent losses to time, money and productivity due to the escalated effects of even a momentary brown-out or black-out.

Even a momentary dip in power can cause the most susceptible electrical devices to switch off, leading to lost data and corrupt files that take time to recover, if they can be recovered at all.

The UPS filters out these brief power quality issues – even if the total capacity of the UPS backup battery is relatively small – so even individual devices with low total power demand can be protected.

For these applications it is important that the UPS be ready to step in without delay, so no power quality problems are transmitted through to the connected devices – to book an audit or get our recommendations of the best UPS power supplies for your sensitive equipment, call us on 0844 80 999 75 or email info@northernpower.co.uk.