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Security systems ranging from CCTV to burglar alarms have one thing in common – they need power in order to work – and UPS power supplies can provide an essential backup in case the mains supply is cut.

We’ve all seen heist movies where the thieves cut the power to the target building, shutting down its cameras and alarms, but with UPS power supplies in place, this would not happen.

Instead, the UPS battery backup would kick into action, keeping cameras recording and alarm sensors detecting until action could be taken.

Because many security systems run on relatively low power, a good-sized UPS battery can keep them running for some considerable length of time after the mains supply goes down.

This not only means video footage will continue to record and alarms will continue to sound, but can also allow your CCTV system to film what happens while an alert is sent to you via email or to your mobile phone.

With modern digital CCTV systems, you can often check live footage online – allowing you to immediately see if anyone is attempting to gain access to your premises.

But without a UPS system in place, a mains power outage is likely to immediately cut the live feed, so by the time you are alerted that there is a problem, you already cannot see what your cameras are seeing.


UPS systems for safety and security

It’s not just overnight security cameras that benefit from having UPS systems in place; there are also important safety implications too.

While many safety technologies like emergency lighting include battery backup as standard, UPS power supplies give you an extra layer of protection for all electricals that need to operate during an evacuation.

This can include electronic door locks, exit route lighting, and any systems that are specifically designed to tackle fire or remove smoke from the air.

By keeping security and safety systems running no matter what happens to the mains electricity supply, you prepare your premises for whatever may come, while protecting your workforce at the same time.

And this is all for the relatively low cost and easy installation of a UPS battery backup for your alarms, CCTV cameras, evacuation lighting and other critical equipment.

Don’t leave your safety and security to chance – arrange an on-site audit today to find out what UPS backup battery best covers all of your needs, and put that additional safety net in place before it’s too late.