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It’s quite obvious that if you don’t install a UPS power supply, you’ll have no power in the event of a mains outage – but what are the specific Pain Points suffered by many businesses in case of a power cut?

Unplanned downtime and business interruption are the most immediate and most visible impacts, especially if you rely on computer systems or internet access for your live day-to-day work, customer bookings and orders, external communication and so on.

But there are hidden impacts too, such as the time taken to recover once the power comes back on, the risk of data corruption when computers and servers switch off unexpectedly, having to replace any damaged or broken equipment plus the time it takes to supply and install, and the time cost associated with letting customers know what went wrong.

A UPS power supply overcomes these by giving you uninterrupted power during short-term power cuts, but also by enabling a seamless transition over to backup generators if the power cut lasts for longer.

Because of this, you don’t necessarily run your systems from UPS batteries long-term, but can still benefit massively from the seamless ‘bridging’ they offer you when switching over from an interrupted mains supply to standalone generators or on-site renewable sources.

What are the Pain Points for businesses WITH a UPS power supply?

It’s important to recognise that not all UPS systems are equal, which is why it is essential to install UPS batteries with sufficient capacity, installed correctly for seamless failover, and regularly maintained to prevent any decline in condition.

Over time, the maximum load of UPS batteries naturally declines – it’s an inescapable fact of the battery technologies used, similar to how a smartphone or laptop gradually delivers fewer and fewer hours on a maximum charge.

Because of this, it’s important to regularly check and replace any old UPS power cells so that your system still delivers the capacity you need.

In the worst cases, businesses with the best of intentions install UPS power systems that carry insufficient capacity from day one – giving the illusion of being protected, without actually tackling any of the pain points at all.

Northern Power UPS can help you to make sure you get your UPS power system right, including:

  • New installations with sufficient capacity.
  • Replacement UPS batteries for older systems.
  • Inspection and maintenance to remove leaking and deformed UPS power cells.
  • Testing of peak load and cell output.

With our help, you can seamlessly failover to UPS systems in the event of a mains power cut – reducing your exposure to reputational risk, communications interruption, lost orders and bookings, and negative impacts on employee morale.