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A UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Supply – a backup power supply for when the mains supply cuts out, which allows your equipment to switch over to your UPS battery without powering down.

This is particularly important with respect to data, as a sudden power outage can cause data corruption, while having hardware switched off can lead to downtime for your clients too.

With a UPS data centre power is more reliable even in the event of a mains outage – but there are some other applications for a UPS power supply too.

Where do I need UPS backup?

A UPS uninterruptible power supply is a sensible addition anywhere where important tasks are carried out that rely on an electricity supply – it’s really as simple as that.

For example, a comms room UPS allows you to make and take calls when there’s no mains electricity; many modern office voice communications are carried via VoIP and IP networks, meaning with no mains power, you would be unable to receive inbound calls or make internal calls to IT helpdesks.

An emergency lighting UPS means evacuation routes in large premises like hotels are lit no matter what happens, rather than relying on lamps’ own internal batteries; while arguably even more crucially, with a UPS healthcare facilities remain operational if the power cuts out.

How important is a UPS for a server room?

If you provide digital services to clients who rely on your servers being available 24/7, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of a UPS for a server room.

For example in December 2017, workmen in Manchester managed to sever a mains electricity cable in Trafford Park that was the main utility supply for web hosting business UKFast’s MANOC 5 data centre.

The company’s backup generator did not activate in time and although the total outage lasted just a few seconds, the residual effects took some customers’ websites offline for six hours or more – an unfortunate demonstration of why a reliable standby power supply is so important.

From UPS battery backup to industrial UPS

You might think your company is too small to need UPS battery backup, or that your power demands are too great for industrial UPS units – but you’d be surprised.

We can provide plug-and-play UPS battery units for small offices with demands up to 3 kVA, right up to the GE SG-Series of three-phase industrial UPS capable of supplying 40 kVA and more.

No matter your size, there is no excuse for downtime in your server room, comms room, or in specialist facilities from healthcare to the nuclear sector; get a reliable UPS backup installed and protect yourself against any power outages for the future.